Dickinson College Men's Club Soccer

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Current Roster

Please Note. Although it appears that there is a roster there are no actual cuts. Game rosters are announced every Thursday night before a game weekend. These names listed below are simply dedicated members of the team that have earned this spot on the website. 

Position     Name                             Hometown                             Class                     Status

GK                Andrew DiNardo          Pittsburgh, PA                         JR                      Member

GK               Brindon Sutton             Clay, AL                                      SO                      Member

DF                Mamadou Balde           New York, NY                         JR                      Member

DF               Jared Ginsburg             Kinnelon, NJ                           JR                      Abroad

DF               Leon Barham               Bethesda, MD                          FY                       Member

DF               Clay Hevey                    Madrid, Spain                           JR                      Abroad

DF               Nathan Graves           Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA    SO                       Member

DF               Vincent Palladino       Auburn, PA                                 SO                       Member

DF               Leo Parker                  South Pasadena, CA               FY                        Member

DF              John Morrow               Glen Ridge, NJ                          SO                        Board Member

DF              Lam Nguyen                Hanoi, Vietnam                        SO                       Member

DF              Robert Page                 Bethesda, MD                          SO                       Member

DF              Kevin Henwood             Long Valley, NJ                       FY                        Member

DF/MD        Gibson Holland           Carlisle, MA                              JR                        Member

DF/MD        Austen Dowell               Seattle, WA                             SO                       Board Member

DF/MD        Imran Hasan                 New York, NY                          JR                        Member

DF/MD       Cam O'Shaughnessy   Concord, MA                           JR                        Abroad

DF/MD       Harry Torok                     Voorhees, NJ                          JR                        Vice-President

MD              Wes Heffernan              Baltimore, MD                         FY                        Member

MD              Arland Crandell             Hinsdale, IL                             JR                       Abroad

MD              Ryan Parker                  New York, NY                            SR                       President

MD              Tommy Brangs             Newark, DE                               SR                      Board Member

MD              Brendan Shiel               Dedham, MA                             SO                      Member

MD              Benji Klauer                 Landisburg, PA                          SR                       Member

MD              Max Singer                   Weston, CT                                 SO                      Member

MD              Jonathan Karlson       Dover, MA                                    JR                      Member

MD/FW       Kyle Klose                     Concord, NH                            JR                      Abroad

MD/FW      Mauricio Toscano        Bloomfield, NJ                           FY                      Member

FW             Santi Elizalde                Manila, Philippines                  JR                      Member

FW              James Lummis          Jackson, WY                              SO                      Member

FW              Jon Legregin                Rutherford, NJ                          SO                      Board Member

FW              Garret Cerny                Vail, CO                                       FY                       Member

FW              Chris Pease                Oak Bluffs, MA                            SO                      Board Member

Alumni Roster

FW Sion Kim - Seoul, Korea                               Class of 2014

FW Nicky Schwab - Stone Ridge, NY               Class of 2014

MD Sam Pollan - Raleigh, NC                            Class of 2014

MD Max St Lifer - Westfield, NJ                           Class of 2014

MD  Zack Kaiser - Hamilton Square, NJ            Class of 2014                 (Founder)

MD  Chris Wolf - Baltimore, MD                           Class of 2014

MD   Ben Greene - Madison, CT                          Class of 2014

MD   Jacob Kipnis - Brooklyn, NY                        Class of 2014

DF    James Post - Arlington, VA                            Class of 2014

DF    Paul Faude - West Hartford, CT                   Class of 2014

DF    Steven Rodriguez - Los Angeles, CA          Class of 2014

DF     Ian Tigh - Chester, NJ                                    Class of 2014

FW    Ryan Buck - Kansas City, MO                       Class of 2013    

FW    Brad Boehringer - Stamford, CT                   Class of 2013               (Founder)

FW    Diego Fiamma - London, UK                        Class of 2013 

MD    Alex Licata - Allendale, NJ                            Class of 2013                (Founder)

MD    Anders Hilton - Timonium, MD                      Class of 2013               (Founder)

MD    Jake Hostetler - Lampeter, PA                      Class of 2013                (Founder)

DF     Matt Halvorson - Bethlehem, PA                   Class of 2013

DF     Zach Ricchiuti- New Hyde Park, NY            Class of 2012

DF     Matt Gibbs - Wellesley, MA                            Class of 2012